Our Classes

We offer classes ranging from Puppy Headstart to Advanced Obedience, Show Handling, Rally and Agility. If you have questions about any of our classes or you're not sure which class to enroll in, please contact us. We will be happy to help!

Puppy Headstart

For puppies under a year old, Puppy Headstart focuses on establishing the Three Life Issues (stay with me, come when called, and stay where I put you) by helping owners to learn effective leadership, and relationship building through games and play. Owners will learn to effectively mark and reward behaviours through positive reinforcement. Exercises include (but are not limited to): loose lead walking, focus work, recalls, sits, downs, and puppy manners, plus an introduction to agility. Upon completion of this course, owners can enroll in Puppy Performance.

Puppy Performance

In this follow-up to Puppy Headstart, further emphasis is placed on the Three Life Issues, while obedience skills and manners are further perfected. Emphasis is also given to establishing reliable recalls and stays, through the use of games, operant conditioning, and positive reinforcement. In addition, handlers and puppies are introduced to the basics of performance obedience and footwork. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for Agility, Rally-Obedience, and Competition Obedience.

Perfect Pet

This course is designed for dogs over a year old, with no previous training experience. It is ideal for rescue dogs, who may need help in building confidence, or for dogs who have known behavioural issues. As in Puppy Headstart, the Three Life Issues (stay with me, come when called, and stay where I put you) are central to all lessons, and owners learn to become effective leaders. Emphasis is placed on rewarding good behaviours, and establishing a positive relationship between the owner and the dog.

Competition Obedience 1

This course is the follow-up to Puppy Performance, and prepares handlers and dogs to begin work on their Companion Dog (CD) title, or to take the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test. In this course, puppies and dogs will learn the art of heads-up healing, improved focus work, stays, and recalls. Emphasis is also given to establishing proper footwork for the ring. This course is recommended for anyone interested in entering the competitive obedience ring, rally-o, or agility, or anyone who wants to have fun with their dog.

Competition Obedience 2

The course is the follow-up to Competition Obedience 1. Perfecting sits, downs and stands. Attention heeling and working dogs with a check lead with complete loose lead. Fronts and around finishes, and reliable recalls with fronts.

Trial-Ready Novice

Reviewing attention heeling, figure 8's and going over CKC rules at Companion Dog level. Footwork and teamwork are reviewed. Intro of dumbbell, retrieves over high at low level , intro of broad jump, as well as fun games to perfect "perfection" and at the same time making it fun for handler and dog. Tricks to bring your dog up when in the competition ring.

Open / Utility

For handlers and dogs who are beginning to work, or are already working towards, their Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) or Utility Dog (UD) titles, for handlers who are working in advanced levels of Rally-O, who want to further hone their obedience skills, or for anyone who wants to have fun with their dog and have completed Competition I. Lessons will include (but are not limited to): drop on recall, dumbbell work (retrieving), directive jumping, scent articles/scent discrimination, proper footwork and body posturing, and the replacement of verbal commands with hand signals.


Rally-Obedience is one of the newer ‘dog sports’, and emphasizes positive interactions between handlers and dogs, while completing a course comprised of a series of obedience-inspired obstacles.

  • Beginner's Rally-O:

    In this introductory class, handlers and their canine teammates, will learn how to interpret and properly complete the signs, and footwork necessary to complete a Rally Novice course. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring that handlers learn to have fun in the Rally-O ring. It is recommended that handlers and dogs complete Puppy Performance prior to entering Beginner’s Rally-O.

  • Advanced Rally-O:

    The follow-up to Beginner’s Rally-O, handlers will have the opportunity to learn and practice obstacles found in Rally Advanced and Excellent courses.

  • Fun Run Rally-O:

    Similar to the premise behind Fungility, this course gives handler/canine teams the opportunity to practicea full Rally-O course. This is a great opportunity to work out any “bugs”, and to further hone handler skills, while also building the confidence of your canine partner. Please note: as with Fungility, instruction will be minimal. Advanced will follow Beginners – please contact the CCC for further information.


  • Foundations/Beginner's Agility:

    In this course, handlers and dogs learn the fundamentals of agility. Dogs will be exposed to new surfaces, learn proper stretching techniques, contact form, and jumping techniques, and will be introduced to weaves, the A-frame, dog walk, tunnels, chutes, hoops, pause table, and tippy boards. Handlers will learn the importance of body language, and learn the basics of effectively handling their dog through an agility course. Additional recall, focus and basic obedience skills are emphasized. Please note - handlers/dogs will begin in Foundations and advance to Beginners. Prior to enrolling in Foundations, dogs should have a reliable recall, be comfortable off-leash and have a “sit”, “stay”, and “down” command.

  • Intermediate Agility:

    In this follow-up to Beginners Agility, handlers and dogs are given further experience with weaves, the A-frame, dog walk, tunnels, chutes, pause table, and hoops. Proper jumping techniques are advanced, further emphasis is placed on proper handling; front crosses, and teeters are introduced. Lessons are also given in promoting drive and distance, once accuracy has been established.

  • Advanced Agility:

    This follow-up to Intermediate Agility is also recommended for those handlers, looking for further practice, and to help build confidence in their handling skills. In this level, dogs are introduced mini-courses, that are designed to emphasize specific handling skillsets. Additional time is spent on honing front crosses, while rear crosses are introduced, plus additional advanced handling skills (such as distance handling) are covered. Time is spent in gaining experience with each obstacle, with particular emphasis on weaves and the teeter. By the end of this class, handler/dog teams should be prepared to run a Novice agility course.

  • Competition Agility:
    This class is for teams that are ready for agility competition; but competing is not a requirement. A variety of equipment is used to ensure confident performance. An emphasis on handling skills builds the teamwork between handler and dog. Students are encouraged to broaden their handling choices but instructors help each team developed its strengths. Front, rear and blind crosses are used in sequences and short courses to give teams options in competition. Distance skills are developed to enhance the team's ability.
  • NADAC Agility:

    With over 14 years experience, the instructors build NADAC style courses to challenge teams to improve strategies to run these courses. Each team's strengths are developed to smoothly compete. Distance handling is encouraged to help handlers direct their dog efficiently.

  • Fungility:

    For those who are working at the Advanced or Competition Agility level; dogs must have reliable recalls, and the ability to work off-leash prior to enrolling in this class. Each week, a new course will be set, and handler/dog teams will be able to run a FULL agility course. This is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune handling skills, and to give dogs further experience on contact equipment.

  • Grids & More:

     The Grids & More class is a mix but mainly agility. There is a grid, a few fitness pieces that students can work on with their dogs while waiting their turn on the Grid. Limited cone work, discrimination, teach switch if time allows. Most classes will end with a short sequence to run.
      Dogs in this class must already know how to do agility and the obstacles used in agility, be able to work off-leash and remain in the ring with the handler at all times when or while they are working. Everything is not done every week. We use obstacles used in ‘Nadac’. One dog is worked at a time on the grid, so there is downtime. Multiple dogs work on leash at their leisure on the fitness pieces in the other ring.
    Most important: A FUN AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

  • Nosework

    Please note that each level is not intended to be immediately followed by the next. You or your dog may need (or want) to spend more than one 6-week period at each level. Because each level is progressively harder, you may need to participate longer at each level before moving up. This is particularly true at the Excellent level.

    • Beginner Nose Work

      This class introduces you and your dog to the odours used by Sporting Detection Dogs of Canada (wintergreen, pine, and thyme combined into a ‘cocktail’). You will be provided with a scent kit to help you get started. Your dog will learn to value these smells and want to search for them. You will learn how to handle your dog while he checks out containers and areas in the classroom in an attempt to find that scent.

    • Advanced Nose Work

      We will begin to develop a formal “alert” behaviour. You and your dog will perform more difficult container and area searches often using food and/or toy distractors. Weather permitting, we will go outside to do area or vehicle searches. The odours will be separated from the cocktail so that your dog can develop proficiency in searching for each one. Your skills will include learning to read/handle your dog while he performs a blind (where you do not know where the odour is hidden) search. Your dog will learn that hides may be high, low, or difficult to access.

    • Excellent Nose Work

      This level includes teams whose range of skills may enable them to compete from the Starter Level up to the Excellent level. The searches in this class will be the most complicated. A search may include hides of multiple odours hidden in multiple locations – or occasionally may have no odour at all. The odour to be found will be weak and the hides will be aged. The locations of hides will be increasingly difficult. Besides toy and food distractors, novel scents will be placed in the search area to challenge your dog’s competence and your ability to recognize what your dog is trying to tell you. Whenever possible we will take field trips to give your team the experience of searching in new locations.

    Show Handling

    Preparation for the conformation show ring. These are drop in only classes held on Saturday and interested students leave their name/email address with CCC and are contacted on a weekly basis if they would like to attend. Generally there are three 1/2 hour classes Sat. a.m. with a limit of 7 students.